The Porch is Clean!

Yeah, that giant task is behind me now.  I edited down some of the stuff I had on the porch, now I need to get busy and finish the slipcovers for the furniture.



Before I can get to sewing slipcovers though, I have to finish making totes and purses for the Maymont Herb Gala this weekend.  I am a vendor for the first time and My mom is joining me.  She will be selling her concrete leaf castings.  Check these out, they are fabulous!


Maymont is in Richmond, VA and the gala is this Saturday from 9-5. 

Maymont Herbs Galore & More

I go every year to shop and it is just great.  Tons of plants and everything garden related. 

3 thoughts on “The Porch is Clean!

  1. Hey girl, thanks for coming over for a visit. The gala sounds wonderful. Looove plants! Will you show pictures of what you are making. Love your blog. I will add you to my favs!! Kasse


  2. Ohh your porch looks fantastic!! Totally ready for afternoon sandwhiches, cupcakes, and lemonade!! 🙂
    your Mom’s leaves are so so cool!! Love them!!
    xoxo Jenny


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