Sewing for Maymont

I have really been burning the midnight oil this week trying to get a decent amount of totes and purses made for the Maymont Herbs Galore & More this weekend.  My mother and my Aunt Patricia are driving up to Hampton today from Tennessee with a van full of concrete leaf castings to sell as well.

My totes and purses are primarily made from vintage cottons and barkcloth that have floral designs.  Here is a sampling of what I have been working on.


My BFF Beth also contributed some totes and some of her yummy pin cushion creations for the sale as well.  Here is just a sample of what she made for me to take to Maymont.


I scored some groovy vintage 70’s sheets from the thrift store that I am going to use to cover the tables so it is going to be a very colorful booth!

Last week during my thrifting expeditions I scored the most fabulous fireplace screen and it looks just divine in my living room.  I love it!  My husband is bit bothered by the bent metal screening on it, he just doesn’t quite get the whole shabby chic look.  But I think it is shabby perfect!


Well, back to the sewing machine to try and finish a few more totes for Maymont.  I will be sure and take lots of pictures and they will be on my next post. 

2 thoughts on “Sewing for Maymont

  1. love the aprons. Just over for a quick visit and to tell you I am just getting to adding you to my favs. Doing it straight away!


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