Washington, DC is such a Lovely City

Dc1 I’m working in DC this week attending the WCIO, that’s World Conference on Interventional Oncology.  It’s a trade show for me, I’m here representing GE Ultrasound. 

From 1979 to 1987 I lived in DC.  I love to come back and visit.  DC is a very friendly city, easy to get around and tons of great things to do.

I’m staying in a great area, right off Dupont Circle.  Tons of great boutiques and restaurants.  Last night I took a walk around the neighborhood.  The row houses in this area are beautiful.  Wonderful architecture and lovely gardens.

I love this house, it’s on a triangle shaped lot between two converging streets and the house is rounded and triangle shape to fit the lot.  Fresh paint and a lovely garden.


I love how they squeezed in this tiny seating around the back side.


I just love these old row houses.  I could live in this neighborhood!



We are having a beautiful spring here in Virginia and DC.  These roses are so gorgeous.  I am going straight to the nursery when I get home and getting some rose bushes for the garden.


Isn’t this front garden gorgeous!


These iceberg roses are so beautiful, and the white caladiums look great too.

Tonight I am going to walk up the street to another fun neighborhood, Adams Morgan.  Good cuban food there.  Yum!

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