Happy Birthday to a Sweet Friend

Today is my very best friend, Beth’s birthday.  We were born in the same year and our husbands were born in the same year.  Our husbands are older!  Beth and I have made a pledge to each other that for our 50th birthday (too fast approaching) that we will go together to the 400 mile yardsale! 

A little while back Beth tagged me for the 7 random facts about myself chain that has been going around.  I haven’t been ignoring it, but I was out of town and now I have some kind of crude and then there is the laundry and the kitchen floor needs mopping, yada yada yada!

So here are 7 quick random things that are not really interesting about myself in no special order:  1) I love okra, always have. Cooked any way, especially boiled and slimy. 2) I work in the medical field but I hate going to the doctor, even for check ups. 3) I graduated highschool and started college when I was 16 years old. 4) I don’t drink coffee, therefore I NEVER go to Starbucks. 5) I have dimples in my cheeks. 6) I love hot, humid weather and I hate air conditioning. 7) I was painfully shy when I was younger, now I am just quiet.

Here is another piece of very cool vintage fabric from my large collection.  Very sporty!


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