Shaggin’ for Cancer Benefit

After moving back to the coast of Virginia two years ago, my husband and I discovered ‘shaggin’.

For those of you who don’t have a clue, shaggin is a type of dance that is done to beach music.  It is prevelant on the southeast coast of the mid-atlantic and south.  We have a blast! 

Last night we attended a benefit shaggin event at a local club in Hampton, VA where we live.  It was to benefit the local American Cancer Society.  There was lots of shaggin as well as door prizes, raffles and a silent auction.  There was also a shaggin contest and all the couples were awesome.

If you are curious, check out this Youtube video of a championship couple doin what we do down here in the south, it’s called SHAGGIN!!

Awesome Shaggin’!!

2 thoughts on “Shaggin’ for Cancer Benefit

  1. I love to dance but my husband isn’t a good dancer. We even took a few lessons!
    That dance looks like so much fun.


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