Scrap Bag Craft Aprons

I can never throw out any fabric.  Even the tiniest scraps get recycled into something.  I give alot of my scraps to my BFF Beth to use in the creation of her fabulous one of a kind pin cushions.  I’ve started using my scraps to make craft aprons.  It is a good way to use up the smaller pieces of vintage fabric.  Today I whipped up a craft apron for a fellow blogger and artist extraordinaire


I used lots of scraps in turquoise, pink, chocolate with bits of trim and beads to make it sparkle.


I’m going to be launching an etsy shop soon and I plan to put my scrap aprons in that shop.


Now I better get busy and produce some more scraps and package this little pretty off to NJ.

4 thoughts on “Scrap Bag Craft Aprons

  1. Oh Suzy, that apron is wonderful! I love the fabric combination you’ve put together.
    I KNOW she’ll adore it.
    And your new header looks great. Is that a lace cap hydrangea? Its beautiful with its varigated leaf.
    Kimberly šŸ™‚


  2. I love something pretty AND useful. My craft room is upstairs but I prefer to put stuff together downstairs…this apron would eliminate some of my running up and down the stairs (maybe?)..can’t wait for your etsy shop!


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