Fabric Inspirations

I never met a quilt shop/fabric store that I didn’t like.  Love actually.  Beautiful fabrics, vintage fabrics, trims, laces, buttons……… ahhhhhhh..

I collect fabric, sometimes I cut it up and sew something, but mostly I collect it.  And covet it.  I love to gaze up the stacks of it in my studio.  Ummm, maybe someday I will break into that stack over there and make something of it.


This stack was calling my name.  I worked into the night to put together another apron for Etsy from these gorgeous fabrics, and I think that more will come.  So lovely!


The upside to it being so dang hot here this week is that I don’t feel the least bit guilty about staying indoors to sew!

I watered everthing in the garden early this morning, while it was still just 80 degrees!  My gorgeous plumeria is blooming.


It’s amazing that I can grow something so tropical here.  Fortunately my laundry room is like a greenhouse in the winter. 

4 thoughts on “Fabric Inspirations

  1. Such pretty fabrics!
    You sound like me. I love just being in the same room as my fabrics.
    Rearranging them, folding them, putting different combinations together (even if I know I’ll never cut into them), petting them, …etc.
    I think its bordering on a sickness. LOL
    Oh, and lovely plumeria!
    Kimberly 🙂


  2. I love the plumeria. My daughter gave me 2 stalks a few months ago, and they are now planted with leaves coming out on them. Can’t wait until they bloom! I understand about the fabric thing, I am the same way, also with embroidery patterns! My husband thinks I am crazy.


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