My Cool Sister

I have a very cool sister, Carol.  Actually I have two sisters but today I am speaking about Carol.  We share alot of things, including our birthday as we were born on the same day, just different years!  Way Cool!!

Carol today resides in Arizona but for years lived in Hawaii.  Very Cool!

I was fortunate enough to visit her there twice.  I love Hawaii!  If my husband was to say tomorrow "hey, let’s move to Hawaii", I’d be on that plane so fast, he would be left to do all the packing!  That would be totally cool!!

While in Hawaii Carol was in the garment trade and had her own business.  Cool!

Today in Arizona she translates all that experience and talent into her beautiful creations that she sells on the internet.  Cool!

Along with her successful eBay store Carol just launched her Etsy Shop and will have her website  up and running soon.  Cool!

She just started a blog too and it has a stinkin’ cute banner.  Click on dolly’s head and pop over to say hi.  Cool Beans!!

One thought on “My Cool Sister

  1. You will have everyone in blogland soon. Your sisters blog is very cute and I loved the nail polish on your niece! Now to leave a comment for Carol.xxooSusan


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