A Little this, A Little That

This weekend was consumed by painting inside the house.  I am slowly but surely repainting every room in this big house.  When we moved in two years ago this house was blue.  Blue trim, blue tile, blue carpets, ugh.  I’m so over blue.  This house also has miles and miles of trim.  Crown molding in every room, 6 inch chair rails, wainscoting.  Every inch of it was a cornflower blue, old dinghy blue. 

Finally this weekend my husband did his part by getting on the 24 foot ladder and painting the walls from the 2nd floor that span all the way to the third floor.  No small task, especially painting the crown molding all the way at the top of the third story.  Whew!  But now it is done, the walls are my favorite Benjamin Moore color and the wainscoting and crown molding are a crisp bright white!  The walls are finally a blank canvas for me to decorate!  Yeah!



Now that blue carpeting has got to go!!

See how the fabrics from my sewing studio even spill out into the hallway! 


Before I set my camera down I snapped a few pictures of favorite little things around the house.  I love this little vase.


This little merman sits in my china cabinet, next to this little guy on his boat.


These vintage jeweled fruits reside in a lovely depression glass dish that was a wedding gift to my in laws.  They generously gave it to me a few years ago.  See the jeweled peach!


4 thoughts on “A Little this, A Little That

  1. Wow, what a big job…but so gratifying. What is that wonderful shade of yellow called. It might have to be on the walls of a house in Jersey. When you have a chance, I would love to see more pics of the house.
    xxoo Susan


  2. Love the yellow on the walls! I am doing a similar color in my living room right now, and then white trim! It is a huge job but is there anything better than fresh paint on the walls!? It always makes me feel so good to get something like that done, lovely!


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