It’s a Naughty Terrier Day

I had a beautiful dust ruffle on my bed.  I say had because my sweet, loveable fox terrier Wendy decided today was to be a naughty terrier day.

Previously she had ripped a chunk out of the dust ruffle, and I was trying my best to ignore that since it was on my husbands side of the bed!

This is how it started.


She throws her toy under the dust ruffle and then battles the ruffle to get it out.  It’s just a big ripping, shredding game to her!

Today while at work she was such a naughty dog!


Well, that dust ruffle is toast now. 


But I was bored mom, and you were at work.  So there!

A perfect occasion for a round of the Terrier Song, remember those guys from Kids in the Hall! 

Just a snippet,

Give terriers a chance (Yeah!)
Do the terrier dance.
No, let’s not.
But if you want your love to show,
If you want your love to grow.
Then go terri-, go terri-, go terri- errr

13 thoughts on “It’s a Naughty Terrier Day

  1. Oh yeah, I used to have a naughty terrier as well. He’d cram his tennis ball under the sofa behind the ruffle then dig at it. Sofa skirt was a goner. But oh how I loved that do.


  2. Oh, you poor darlin. I feel so sorry for you hon. What an awful shame and such a waste. Not being a dog person myself i find it hard to look at him and think awww but how cute lol. Outside he goes….. Hope you aren’t too sad about it hon. ox Ali


  3. lol….now that is funny. (Sorry to see your dust ruffle is toast though) At my house, I layer several dust ruffles on all my beds. I have 2 layers of white ruffly stuff then the top layer matches the bedspreads. I have cats that like to play with the bedskirts lol. I buy a household spray that keeps dogs/cats away from things they chew on. I get Hartz “Stay off” training aid. It wears off…. but it does work! Smells kinda peppery. I have one cat that insists on scratching on the carpet under my bedroom door trying to get in…every single morning at around 4ish! I spray that area and go back to bed at about 4:01 lol


  4. What an innocent face! What are ya’ gonna’ do when they look at you that a’way?
    [You can use your dust ruffle for trim somewhere else — it’s still very pretty stuff!]


  5. Oh nooo!!! It looked like a beautiful dust ruffle, hopefully you can salvage parts of it for fabric now…. My mother in law had a pup years ago who decided my favourite shoes that I bought in Italy and had at that point been my most expensive purchase as a student would be a delicious dinner, could have killed her! but she was way too cute….


  6. LOL! Well, she certainly gave you a bold reminder of who runs the show! Isn’t it funny how being a dog lover is almost an affliction? For people who genuinely love dogs, it never matters what bratty thing they do, they are still as welcome as our children. Look at Wendy’s face…..she knows she can get by with anything!


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