Je Veux Aller a Paris!

August 2 is my 20th wedding anniversary.  My husband and I are celebrating with a trip to Paris!  First we are visiting friends in Garmish, Germany then on to Paris!  Can’t wait for those paris flea markets!  I promise to come home with lots of show and tell.  au revoir!!!  xxoo, Suzy


10 thoughts on “Je Veux Aller a Paris!

  1. Have a great trip!
    I loved Paris! Our last evening there was early September and they were having a river festival of some sort. We hadn’t planned on this. We overheard the pyrotechnic guys in a cafe (they were American). There were the most gorgeous fireworks set throughout the city and coordinated to music so they danced. We were so close to the action that we were covered in ashes at the end of the night. Hope your trip is full of lovely suprises!


  2. Oh lucky you Suzy! Wish I was there too, have a marvellous time and can’t wait to see the goodies from the markets! Happy Anniversary! It’s August 2nd here in a few hours!
    Natasha xo


  3. How exciting! I would love to go to Paris! Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time! will definately check back to see your pics.!


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