Fontainebleu. . . then Paris!

The second leg of our trip took us to Paris but we immediately got on the train to Fontainebleu.   It is a quaint village and the chateau is fabulous.  Our day there was drizzly but still wonderful.


Of the many chamber rooms inside there was one that was set up for the queen to give birth.  It was required that she give birth in front of witnesses so that the heir would be "verified". 


The doors to the chamber were painted with these beautiful pregnant ladies.  After a wonderful day and evening in Fontaineblue we headed into Paris!


I missed all the big flea markets over the weekend, but when we set out on our first day, Tuesday, I did find a few vendors at the farmer’s market.  But no treasures were to be found!


This quaint street is where our hotel was located.  So french!


Oh yeah, I was having fun!


Our hotel was only blocks from the Eiffel Tower and we went there every night!  So romantic! 

15 thoughts on “Fontainebleu. . . then Paris!

  1. Love the painting with the half “nekkid” lady! Gorgeous! That flea makerket looks pretty good, so sorry you dudn’t find anything there worth bringin home. Love the pic of you and Kev in front of the Eiffel Tower! What a happy couple :)))) XXOO, Beth


  2. Welcome home! Looks like a great trip!
    I love the painting on the door.
    This year is our 15 yr anniversary (thus the reason behind our quick trip a few weeks ago).
    Congratulations to you guys!


  3. I am reliving our trip to Paris thru you.It was romantic…we loved the Eiffel Tower…were terrified by the drivers…and also did not find treasures at the flea markets…but ooooh the sidewalk cafes, the architecture and the art. I am reading your blog at 10:00am and swooning. Hopefully there will be more???


  4. Oh, your pictures brought back some fabulous memories of our trips to Paris. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and thank you so much for sharing.
    Sandy 🙂


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wanted to let you know you weren’t too late and are entered into my giveaway drawing. I will draw the lucky winner this evening around 8:30p.m. Eastern time.
    Have a fabulous day.


  6. It looks absolutely fabulous. So glad you had a marvelous time. 20 years…..doesn’t time fly?? Glad you’re back safe and the new blog topper is STUNNING!


  7. Fantastic pictures! I’m drooling over Fontainebleu. I have a Madame de Pompadour fixation lately and just seeing the pics after all I’ve read is amazing. I’d love to see the Palace of Versailles one day.
    Have a lovely holiday!!


  8. Wonderful photos!!! And congratulations on your anniversary! (Our 20th is in May. I don’t know if we can plan something as spectacular as your trip to Paris, but we’ll see.) Welcome home, and I love your button banner!


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