Out of Town Yard Sales – YES!!

I slipped away this weekend with daughter #2 for a quick visit with my mother.  Mom lives in Johnson City, TN about a 7.5 hour drive for me.

It was just a serendipitous concurrence that this weekend was also the
"Tree Streets Yard Sales". 


The Tree Streets neighborhood is adjacent to the University and is a historic neighborhood full of victorians, bungalows and grand old homes as well as many cute cottages.  There must have been over 100 yard sales and people just lined the sidewalks perusing all the stuff that was offered for sale.


Daughter no. 2 and I headed out early, around 7:30 AM.  We were joined by hundreds of other treasure seekers.  Many enterprising folks were offering breakfasts and drinks and hotdogs along with just about anything you could possible imagine.  I must have seen at least 4 saddles, go figure!



I found some great stuff, but I just had a blast walking through the entire neighborhood enjoying the day and the sales.  Daughter no. 2 lasted about 1 hour and then I dropped her off at my mother’s church where they were having a rummage sale and she headed home with grandma.


My favorite find of the day was a pair of Naot sandals for $8!  I also scored a stieff poodle for $2, vintage jewelry and 2 boxes of vintage christmas cards, only $1.


Vintage patterns, pom pom trim, rick rack, a hot pad in awesome pastel colors, mercury glass candle sticks and a metal letter organizer with cool decals.


These cute figurines are for BFF Beth to craft into her awesome pin cushions, all for $3.50!!


A pair of Ralph Lauren pillowcases and about 100 zippers in all kinds of discontinued colors for a few dollars.


Daughter no. 2, Shannon, scored a ton of Pokemon.  Even a sleeping bag for $2 which I think Wendy assumes we bought for her!

It was yard sale heaven!


10 thoughts on “Out of Town Yard Sales – YES!!

  1. OHMG!!!!!!~~~~I want to GO there next year, heat or no heat! I love what your scored! Figurines???? Pour moi! Yay! Thanks, honey! Owen loved the pic of daughter #2 with her Pokemon! XXOO, Beth


  2. You paid only two dollars for a Steiff poodle! Wow, that’s a bargain of the year, maybe the decade. Truthfully, when I saw that little fellow sitting there, I thought it was real. Steiff animals are gorgeous…and pricey. You are so lucky!


  3. Well, i’m completely jealous of all your finds! We never have sales like that around here 🙂 Love all the goodies you found, especially the metal letter organizer! Rosemary


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