My Creations for the Paper Dress Garland Swap

Heather over at Speckled Egg is hosting a fun swap, the Paper Dress Garland Swap.  When she announced the sign up for this one, I jumped right in and thought "oh, this will be a snap!"

As always though when I have the pressure of a deadline looming that panic mode starts to set in. 

The guidelines for the swap were to create 5 dresses on cardboard approximately 4" x 6" using paper, cloth and any type of embellishments.  I made my dresses on a very thick cardboard.  Fabric is my medium of choice so that is what I used. 

First I came up with this pretty party dress.


I used all vintage elements here, satin jacquard, lace, rhinestones, black velvet and appliques. 

Once I got this one created, I was at a momentary loss for how to continue.  Then the lightbulb finally went off and I pulled out my collection of vintage patterns.  Using the patterns as inspiration I have recreated those dresses using my vintage fabric scraps.


I love this one, I used a carved bone button for the belt buckle and tiny baby MOP buttons for the dress and I even topstitched the pockets.


This one is my favorite!  I stitched little darts on the bodice!


This one is from new fabrics but embellished with vintage millinery flowers.  More darts too!


This one is a cute little house dress.


I started my sewing career at a very young age handstitching dresses for my barbies and then started sewing my own clothes when I was 10 so this little project brought back some fond memories!

Check out all the creations for this swap on Flickr here.

I was recently tagged by my friend Susan for the middle name game and like her thankfully I have a short one, Gail.

G – Gotta Have It!  I am an impluse shopper, always have been.  When I decide I want or need something I zoom right to the store or the internet and pick it out.  No shopping around, debating, mulling or indecision for me!

A – Anal.  Ok, who isn’t just a bit.  I am a Virgo, the perfectionist.  Everything has it’s place and don’t you dare move it!

I – Inventive.  I am pretty damn good at creatively solving design ideas.  I love to take trash and turn it into a treasure.  Furnished my whole house that way.  Redecorated 4 houses that way.

L – Loyal.  One of my finest traits. 

This was a fun game, so now I am going to pass the fun along to my BFF Beth and my sister Carol.   Go girls!

25 thoughts on “My Creations for the Paper Dress Garland Swap

  1. These are unbelievable!!!!!!!! There isn’t a day that goes by that you do not completely amaze me!


  2. :-O
    I haven’t seen anyone else’s, but I’m quite sure these are the best! SO impressive Suzy! Suzy the Seamstress! 😀


  3. I love your Paper Dress Garland dresses! They make me want to go pull my Barbie out (I’d have to dig deep)! I’m in that swap and I sure do hope I receive one of your gorgeous creations!
    (Just a question…when I clicked on your friend “Susan” I went to Speckled Egg’s blog…and I thought her name is Heather! Am I mixed up or what?)


  4. Love, love, love your little dresses!!!
    I want to make some, too (said in a whine-y voice).
    Hmmmm…what could I use them for? A garland, or gift tags maybe?
    I’ll think of something. They are TOO CUTE!
    Kimberly 🙂


  5. These are lovely, have been checking out some of the other swapper creations and you are deservedly in very fine company…cant wait to see more…you are very talented!!


  6. Oh, my word those dresses are ADORABLE! Hee-hee…I’d keep ’em, not swap ’em. I was at a quilt show this past weekend & was inspired by something I saw on a quilt & thought of little Barbie type dresses – that is if I ever learn to quilt first.


  7. Gee whiz Suzy, you sound like you could be my twin sister with those traits – plus the Virgo thing 😉
    It was so funny to see your dresses, I had been contemplating taking on that type of project with my daughter this summer but we never got around to it. Like what you came up with!


  8. I just got an email from a friend telling me to hurry right over to your blog. Apparently I had the same idea of using vintage patterns…too funny! I love your dresses and my fingers are crossed hoping one of ’em ends up on my garland.


  9. Boy, it took a while…but I managed to finally backtrack and found your great little dresses again! hahahha… I was blog hopping…and lost ’em for a bit several days actually…and even put an APB on my own blog…nobody had any info….Glad I got to see them again. they are beautiful.
    I am wondering if there is somewhere to see all of them in one place?… or a list of bloggers that participated ?…


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