Will Work for Jewelry

I luv jewelry.  Diamonds, gold, platinum and especially pearls.  I also adore costume jewelry and vintage jewelry.

I have for some time been collecting vintage jewelry pieces with the idea of a wreath or collage in mind.  There was a gal on eBay last year that sold the most divine wreaths made from vintage jewelry. 

Recently at the new Goodwill store here in Hampton I found a mirror with a flat unfinished wooden frame that was just screaming out for some type of make-over.  So I painted it up and pulled out the glue and the old jewelry and went to town.




It took a LOT of jewelry pieces, pretty much depleted my collection but the results are stunning!


I am always on the lookout for beautiful and unusual jewelry pieces.  I wear jewelry everyday, I feel naked if I leave the house without earrings and my bracelets.  I have a couple of bracelets that I wear everyday. 

I love this bracelet from Annette Wright at Divine Invention.  The eye beads are supposed to have protective powers that will surround the wearer with positive energy and success!  Yeah, it’s from California!  I receive  many compliments on it, I love it and wear it constantly.


A recent purchase from etsy is this fun set from Lu Lu Sparkles.


My friend Kelly in addition to be a fabulous graphic artist (she put together my logo and business cards) is a jewelry artist too.  I really need to talk to her about opening an etsy shop!  She knows that I love pearls and she made this gorgeous set for me.


Every spring in Hampton we host a huge quilting show and I discovered a wonderful artist there.  She makes jewelry from vintage buttons and her designs were just stunning.  Her name is Pamela Welty and her business name is victoriasbuttons@bellsouth.net.  She doesn’t have a website at this time and as far as I know she only sells at shows on the east coast.  Look for her at your next quilt show.  I bought a ton of pieces from her and I was supposed to give most of them away, (supposed to, didn’t say that I did give it away!)


I am always prowling the estate sales and yard sales for pretty pieces, here are some that I found at a local resale shop.  They are all from a local estate.


That is just the tip of the iceberg!  I didn’t show any of the pieces that my mother in law has given me, she has excellent taste!  Maybe another day.

37 thoughts on “Will Work for Jewelry

  1. oh my gosh Suzy. That mirror literally took my breath away! How many pounds must that weigh!? I hope you have a separate insurance rider on it… the time alone to have collected all that is almost invaluable!! Stunning.
    Thanks for the share. LOVE the button jewelry. Too clever!


  2. I’m still gasping from how beautiful that mirror is! Wow- talk about A LOT of jewelry to get that filled! But so worth it! Gorgeous! xo natalea


  3. Suzy,
    You never cease to amaze me! From the first day that I met you, I knew that you were something special. Your creative talent has over the years been inspiring, artistic,fun and whimsical. Now you can add jaw dropping and innovative. This is a step beyond creative…I just love it and I am inspired to start collecting jewelery and make a mirror of my own. xxoo, Susan


  4. GORGEOUS, I believe we should add Trend Setter to Susan’s list! Stunning! My guess is you just made the A list and we’ll be seeing exactly what you’ve created in all the magazines soon.


  5. your mirror is so lovely!! gosh, when I can not find just the right jewels next time for a piece I need to email you-you must have TONS!
    thanks for showing your LuLu necklace-
    *kiss kiss*


  6. Another WOW from me. That jewelry encrusted mirror is simply one of the most unique and beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life! Absolutely stunning and truly impressive. Wow.


  7. Another WOW from me. That jewelry encrusted mirror is simply one of the most unique and beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life! Absolutely stunning and truly impressive. Wow.


  8. Another WOW from me. That jewelry encrusted mirror is simply one of the most unique and beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life! Absolutely stunning and truly impressive. Wow.


  9. Another WOW from me. That jewelry encrusted mirror is simply one of the most unique and beautiful things I have EVER seen in my life! Absolutely stunning and truly impressive. Wow.


  10. oh darn, the mirror isn’t showing for me.
    I know it must be spectacular from what everyone is saying.
    I also adore vintage jewelry, I really love the bakelite peices and I have more vintage then modern peices.
    I will check back to see the picture frame later. Hopefully, it will be working for me then. πŸ™‚ Bren


  11. I would love to be unique here but I’m afraid I’m just going to have to join the “love the mirror throng”! Love it!


  12. OMG that mirror is beautiful. Makes me want to start collecting old jewelry. Yes I think I’m gonna do that. Like I need a new collection. But that is adorable. I LOVE IT!!!


  13. Love the wreath, it reminds me of a christmas tree my grandmother had while I was growing up.The outline of the tree was in gold fabric trim and then the whole inside was filled with broaches and earrings. I think it has lights poking through and it was all framed. I loved looking at that thing and finding my favorite pieces.


  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mirror!!! It is absolutely fabulous! You have indeed inspired me to try one too. Thank you,
    ~Debra, Woodbury,CT


  15. I love your mirror with all the jewelry! I have a real love of mirrors and vintage jewelry so you have inspired me to try this over the winter. I lived in Hampton 3 different times while my spouse was in the Air Force. I miss Hampton Roads but am back in the western part of the state.


  16. Hi Suzy! I just popped over because I saw you were awarded the BLOG BLISS award by Kathryn Bechen πŸ™‚ she said your mirror was gorgeous and boy was she right! OMG!! It’s breathtaking! You are so talented. You definitely deserve the bliss award! I am going to add you to my blog dessert list so I can see what other gorgeous things you will be creating πŸ™‚
    Nice to meet you πŸ™‚


  17. Oh, that mirror is a show-stopper!
    Love the pearls scrolled in the corner.
    I’ve gotten away from wearing earing lately, not sure why?
    But, I love my braclets. When I did hair, I couldn’t wear any because they would get caught. But now that I’m retired, I have lots of vintage ones and use them often.
    You have a great jewelry collection.
    Kimberly πŸ™‚


  18. Gracious…what a stunning mirror…like a treasure chest! The shape of the mirror makes it even neater. Great job!


  19. Absolutely stunning!!! Such creativity never ceases to amaze me… I too found you through Kathryn Bechens blog and I really would love to add you to my Bellisimo Blogs list…Can’t wait to see what other lovelies you will dazzle us with


  20. it must be a day late and an earring short to compliment you on that mirror. I know that if i ever relinquish any of my collected treasures, i might try to make something like that for my own habitat. it really is wonderful. and you are mighty generous to share photos.
    i tend to stash my bits of jewelry for my big bold necklaces … i know they are mental, but i just need to light up with all that old fashioned bling. thanks for posting that fab creation… it does sing.
    your fan, wendy


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