Company’s Coming!! Get out the Handbook!

My BFF Beth and her family are heading south to the coast of Virginia to spend the weekend here in Hampton at our house.  That means the dust bunnies have got to relocate and food and fun must be planned.  Let me go to the happy homemaker’s companion and check off my tasks! 


It’s a good idea to invite company once and awhile.  It spurs you to mop the floor and dust in the corners where you usually don’t look.  It gets you up and off your duff to finish those nagging little projects ’cause you want everything to be perfect, to make it look like you live like this everyday!


I will take the time to blow dry my hair today and carefully apply some makeup.  It is hostess time, so be on your good behavior.  Would you like bacon and eggs for breakfast?  Oh, no problem, I cook breakfast everyday for the kids and hubby (NOT!).


"The wardrobe is successful only when the wearer feels comfortably dressed for every occasion."  Thank goodness our guests are good friends, so I will wear my jeans, but not the ones with the worn holes in the butt.


"Management is 50% organization and 50% know how, the whole determined by a point of view."  My point of view for houseguests is splurge on the good  tequila!


Good meal planning requires mapping out the weekends restaurants so that you have the routes planned ahead of time and don’t forget to call and make sure that place is open for Sunday brunch!


Grilling is an economical way to feed guests, hotdogs for the kids and good seafood or steaks for the adults.  Men love to bond over the Weber, and that frees the girls up to chat over those yummy jalapeno margaritas!

7 thoughts on “Company’s Coming!! Get out the Handbook!

  1. Amen sister! Great book! I picked up several throwback books at Warrenton as well. Fun to see the way things were. Enjoy those margaritas!!


  2. That book is really something–such pressure to be perfect. I like your approach much better. Your guests are very lucky people!


  3. LOL That’s a hoot!
    Yes, there’s nothing like company or over-night guests to inspire a thorough cleaning.
    And grilling is a must. It gets me out of cooking. đŸ™‚
    Enjoy your company!


  4. You got that right!!! You have to invite people over every now and then just so you can clean the house the way it’s supposed to be cleaned. LOL!!!! Did you say Margaritas??? And where is it that you live??


  5. I liked your blog, I have begun it to read after the Karla’s party and I have found good ideas in him.


  6. This was so adorable. Just don’t tell my husband there is a guide that tells you…be easy to listen to, talk to, work with, live with! tee hee I much prefer your tips on mapping out the restraunts! Sounds like you gals had a nice time and i LOVE that table with all the clear glass. What a grand statement that makes.


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