Through the Door

Please come on in! 

Through the front door . . . .



Through the back porch door . . . .


Through the kitchen door . . . .


Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Through the Door

  1. OMG you work full time AND your house looks this good. Girl, you’re makin’ me look so BAD! lol. Seriously, your house looks wonderful 🙂


  2. I have that yellow in my kitchen! I love it in your hall…I am trying to make a wood floor painted green work somehow in my rental…I need so tips!


  3. Suzy,
    I love the butterflies! Were they collected over a period of time? The first thing that hits me as I was sent through your front door is that, this is no ordinary house,,,very creative people live here. You have done such a worderful job decorating and designing it. xxoo, Susan


  4. How beautiful! I love getting a chance to see how all of you creative bloggers decorate…and I’m, always so impressed with the creativity. I could LIVE in your kitchen! 🙂


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