15 thoughts on “My Day Job

  1. You are a ‘Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer’. Okay I cheated I went to your profile and read it. Myself. I would have thought something to do with Star Wars or something!!!


  2. i saw those things on the right and i cringed remembering that stick one and what rolls over the top of it and what gets squeezed on it and where it goes and it brought back that feeling of losing my dignity, lol!!! i’ve had a few too many of those for my liking!!!!


  3. Okay, So I know what you do and I know that you travel all over the place to do it. You are far more brave and gutsy than I could ever be! The more important question is…do the people who you are taking care of know what a kind, smart, creative, and slightly zany person you are? They are lucky to have you taking care of them.
    xxoo, Susan


  4. Yup definatley an ultrasound tech, I reconize those from my pregnant days with the twins, I got aquainted with my tech every week! Do you like your job? I have always been interested in that field…who knows maybe I can go back to school after the boys head off for kindergarden!


  5. Wow. Do you travel and teach others how to operate this machine? I was thinking, though, if you brought 4 or 5 shades of fingernail polish you could really brighten that monster up! You know, give is an artsy-craftsy flair!


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