Be it Ever so Humble

I love my blog, I love reading other’s blogs and I love my blog friends.  What did I do before I tapped into this endless resource of inspiration and interest?  My eyes have been opened and I marvel at the talent and originality that is everywhere, in everyday life.

Today’s discovery is the artist Kate Cusack.  I have always had a thing for zippers.  I love to see them used in interesting ways in fashion design, beyond their utilitarian purpose.  I recently twisted some vintage metal zippers together to make flower pins, but I don’t own that idea.  Kate Cusack makes stunning zipper flower pins and what I love about hers are the exaggerated chunkiness of the zippers themselves.  Please explore her site and see more of her zipper sculpture creations.


This necklace just leaves me speechless.  This is the art of the zipper, not just some little pin that you put on your jean jacket.  Thanks to my blog friend, Cheryl for opening this door for me. 

7 thoughts on “Be it Ever so Humble

  1. this is a fabulous necklace. who would of thunk it. zippers??? amazing. i love the pins you made a few post back.
    you are a talented girl.
    jessi nagy


  2. Hi there–just came here from Barbara Jacksier’s place and I’m so glad I did! Wow! Those are amazing! I’m totally blown away by those. I also love the cute pins that you had done as well. Nice! I’m going to add you to my blog list so I can remember to come back! ~A 🙂


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