It’s All Happenin’ Over at The Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia

Today was the first day for the Holiday Open House at The Cottage in Leesburg.  Ann & Linda, the fabulous proprietors and design divas had the place looking like a million bucks! 

Beth and I were invited to bring our creations for a trunk show to coincide with the Holiday Open House.  We brought almost 60 totes and purses, pin cushions, corsages, button pins, aprons and our smiling faces.



In addition to our lovelies the store was packed full of fabulous antiques, vintage chippy furniture, incredible christmas ornaments, vintage mirrors, architectural salvage and the list just goes on and on.  SO many wonderful creations.  Linda and Ann have an impeccable eye for bringing together just the right furniture and accessories to make you drool.






A bonus to this weekend was meeting the talented and wonderful Amy of Inspireco.  It was really a treat to meet Amy, she is such a sweetie.  Amy is getting ready to take off for Omaha and Silver Bella. 

I wish we had thought to get a picture of us together with Ann & Linda, and also with Amy!  Snap!  But from the moment the doors to the store opened there was a steady stream of customers and everyone was very busy!  Yeah!

Here are some more pictures from around the shop. 







I made another vintage jewelry mirror for this sale, it looks great hanging on this bead board door at The Cottage.


This little closet was filled with offerings and creations from the fabulous Amy.  I purchased two of her wonderful glittery cottage creations so I will post pictures of those soon.  They are to die for, and I believe she is bringing lots of them to Silver Bella!



Special thanks to Linda & Ann for inviting us to The Cottage!!

22 thoughts on “It’s All Happenin’ Over at The Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia

  1. oh my gosh I think i would have bought more than i sold if i were there! so much beauty around you, just gorgeous!
    love all the bags and things that you and Beth made, it’s so nice how you two are such close friends and both do equally beautiful and amazing work!
    Natasha xo
    PS. yes the Cottage by the Sea sign is going on to my site eventually, just need to get around to doing the listing, some time this week. : )


  2. oH Suzy–it’s even better than I expected. TOO fun! I hope you both sold lots and LOTS. Thanks for all the great pics.


  3. Gotta go Xmas shopping in Leesburg, I see ! Your hostesses indeed have a WOWZA! shop and have picked an excellent enticing assortment of merchandise and vendors… of all..Suzy and Beth !


  4. Hi Suzy,
    Thanks for the tour – what a truly AMAZING shop…..I could have spent a fortune – shame it’s so far away !….. sniff. I love the hallway with the hanging frames.
    I’m so glad you did well – you look like such a nice lady!
    Thanks so much for posting a comment on my giveaway – I am adding you to my links – hope that’s OK – I’ll be back!


  5. Thank you for posting all these fab pics! I studied each and every photo…and you sure look happy! What a fun place, thanks for the vitural trip! I love seeing Amy’s spot!


  6. That amount of beautiful things. I liked the old mirrors and also vintage jewelry mirror. I hope do it too.


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