Thinking Outside of the Box, uh, I Mean Roll!!

My sister recently sent me an article about the winners of this year’s (apparently it’s an annual event!) toilet paper bridal gown competition.
Well, I was blown away with what these ladies came up with, and what they created from such a humble supply.
Here are the results, from honorable mention down to Grand Prize Winner!







Here is the front and back of 1st place! Astounding!!



Now let’s just hope the forecast is for sunshine and not rain!!

16 thoughts on “Thinking Outside of the Box, uh, I Mean Roll!!

  1. oh my goodness!!!! we did toilet paper bride at my kitchen tea party before the wedding back in 98 but the gowns were rather horrendous and worthy only of toilet paper. these ones are amazing! check out the detail on the winner!!!


  2. I’ve never seen anything like this! Wow! And to think I had been watching Project Runway and thinking THEY were creative.
    These dresses are amazing and everyone who made one should stand up and take a bow!


  3. I was just at a bridal shower this past weekend and we had to dress up one person from each table in a toilet paper dress! I had never heard of it before. Now, I can definitely say no one looked as good as this, but seriously – I think these people have too much time on their hands!


  4. Now that is just totally amazing! I would have never guessed those were made of toilet paper had you not said so. Wow!


  5. Now this is truly amazing! Really creative ideas. Very intricate dresses and I’m sure it was difficult to work with.


  6. These could have all been winners on Runway!
    I haven’t been to your blog for awhile..not since the zippers…I think I lost u in a shuffle or something…
    tx for stopping by for my 100th blog post…….


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