Family and New Friends

Yesterday was a very lovely day.  The day was sunny and oh so warm.  We had a grand feast.  Family came to town.


We invited some new friends to share the day with us. 

Pvt Keith Bonham and Pvt Kinney James came from nearby Ft. Eustis courtesy of a program organized by the USO to place soldiers who are away from their families with local families for the holiday.


Two fine young men who we were honored to share our day and our family with.  Pvt Bonham (left) comes to Ft Eustis from Utah.  He has a wife and young daughter back home.

Pvt James (right) is from Indiana and he has his parents and sister at home there.

They were such a pleasure to get to know and their families can be very proud of the work they are doing here in Virginia.  I gave the guys my blog address so they can share this entry with their families who can visit here and share a bit of that day with them.

Well, now that Thanksgiving is past it is time to jump into the christmas decorations!!  Whoohooo!  After some shopping that is!

3 thoughts on “Family and New Friends

  1. Very cool of you to share your Thanksgiving with two of our finest. A few years ago, a friend did the same — but when she went to pick up her guys, another three were stood up by the people that were supposed to adopt them (can you believe that!), so she took them, too, and ended up with five boys I think — and it worked out just great for everyone.


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