Smithfield, VA

Yesterday, rather than join the masses at the big box stores in pursuit of saving a buck we drove down the road to browse, shop and lunch in Smithfield, VA.

If you have ever eaten a ham you have probably heard of Smithfield.  It is actually a very quaint town on the James River.

There is one shop in particular that I really adore called Wharf Hill.


They were completely decked out for the holidays. 


This guy greeted us as we walked in the door.


This tree was decked out in Jennifer Murphy designs.


I love feather trees!







This store was such a feast for the senses, it is worth the short trip to Smithfield anytime.

3 thoughts on “Smithfield, VA

  1. Fabulous! You didn’t get out of there without buyin something, did you?
    This post reminds me I oughta take my camera down to the local pharmacy. You would not BELIEVE how decked out there are!
    Lookin’ forward to all your holiday posts


  2. Thanks for the inspiration! I love Wharf Hill.
    It is raining down in TX like crazy and it is very cold. I was INSANELY happy to not have to go anywhere and to be able to avoid Black Friday altogether 😉


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