Swap Love

I just have to share these pictures of the wonderful goodies that I just received from my very dear friend Susan.  We had been saying for some time that we wished we could be hooked up together as swap partners for some of the group swaps that we had each participated in this past year.

Well, that never happened so we just decided to do our own personal swap, kinda based on the recent group swap that was the vintage christmas stocking swap. 

We both were immediately drawn to sign up for that swap because the theme was to create a stocking from vintage materials and stuff it with vintage goodies.

Susan and I are kindred swap partners because we are both on the same wave length, we both "get it".  Do you know what I mean?  We both love that thrill of the hunt, the joy of the perfect repurpose, three of something makes a collection, SNAP!,

OK, anyway, here are the pics of the fabulous stocking that Susan made for me.  I love the monogram!!  And all the goodies in it, so great! 




So much vintage cool stuff!  I love those vintage mouse ornaments, they are going to be on my elf tree, oh yeah!  Cool sweater clip!  Awesome seashell!  My youngest daughter is dying to light that advent candle!

Susan is a very special friend and thank you so much for a fun swap!   

5 thoughts on “Swap Love

  1. Great stuff! Love your simiple but elegant picture of your new orny. The toilet paper wedding dresses below are unbelievable! Who knew?! Hope your having a great Thanksgiving weekend.


  2. Oh shucks…you make me wanna cry. Its true! We definately GET each other. Thanks for the great pictures…my new stocking from you is hanging front and center on the china cabinet in the living room…I just love it. I would swap with you again in a hot second. xxoo, Susan


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