17 thoughts on “Aluminum Sparkle

  1. I love this tree Suzy! I think I am experiencing tree-envy and I can certainly see that I would get much more enthusiastic about decorating if I had such fun to work with 😉


  2. wowee zowee.. shimmer and shine!
    I have my tree up but only lit. the new kitty means taking things bit by bit. Seeing yours makes me want to finish up Right Now.


  3. I am lovin’ this tree. I can remember many December nights when I was little…sitting on the floor by the aluminum tree in the dark watching the lights reflect. My dad rigged up something that made the tree rotate; that along with the “color wheel” light was just the ticket for premium entertainment in the early 60’s.


  4. Hi SUzie
    Thanks so much for dropping by today.. you are so right about the designer dress and Mr Cage!!
    I love your decorations and there are some vintage beauties in there I see..
    I meant to leave a comment on your previous post.. don’t know what happened but to say.. your mirrors are absolutely fabulous and have the Georgia Peachez style stamped all over them… unique and gorgeous. Michelex


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