Manly Laptop Portage

I blogged recently about the laptop sleeves that I make and sell in my shops.  I have had several requests over the past year to come up with some "masculine" choices. 

I was kind of resisting that request, but I finally rolled over and put together some fabric combinations that I think will work.  I felt that my fabric choices needed to be extremely masculine, men’s suitings is what I had in my mind’s eye.  I think a man would not use one of these sleeves unless it was very neutral and did not draw any special attention to itself.



I hope that I have hit the mark here and if you want to see all the different fabric combinations check out eBay or Etsy.

4 thoughts on “Manly Laptop Portage

  1. I think this is a great idea Suzy. I am going to send you a little package of “masculine” fabrics that I think would work for a unisex line.


  2. oh, i do love those tweedy looking fabrics! of course i would love to throw some pink in there too, but that would defeat the purpose….


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