Holiday Wreaths

I am obsessed with collecting vintage ornaments.  I never met a shiny brite that I didn’t like.  The most exquisite ones end up on one of my many trees but then the dilemma is what to do with all those other boxes and boxes of pretty shiny orbs.  I make wreaths and then I make more wreaths.  I like to include little surprises like angels and Santa’s, soldiers or old plastic stuff!


If you look closely at the bottom of the wreath above you will see a wooden lobster!

I like to work with non-traditional shapes too.  Just to break up the monotony.



I’ll stick just about anything into a wreath. 


I made a swag a couple of nights ago to go above my mantel on top of the mirror.  Obviously I didn’t know when to stop, it looks like a big blob!


Here is a vintage wreath made from felt and a lot of hand sewn sequins.  This is part of a whole set that someone made for holidays throughout the year.  Someday I will have to take pictures of all of them, there are about a dozen.  One of my doctor’s offices was going to throw them out!  So I gave them a good home.



I collect alot of vintage christmas stuff and over the years I amassed an impressive collection of old christmas light bulbs.  I especially love the old C9’s.  I love the swirls and you just can’t find these colors any more. 

I knew I wanted to make something out of them and one day, well, the light bulb! went off in my head.  A wreath!  Here is what I came up with.  I have since made several of these in different sizes.  My BFF Beth has one that I made for her.  I have collected more of these bulbs so I need to fire up that glue gun one more time and get busy. 


I love this wreath and have wanted to send a picture to Home Companion or Martha about it.  Maybe they would think I’m just too clever and come take a picture of it!  Ha!


Tomorrow I will be posting more pictures of my holiday decor for Karla’s What do you Love about Your Holiday Home  party.  But snap!  I have to work all day so I won’t get to see everyone’s pictures until later on Thursday.  I am going to be running the roads for the rest of this week working for GE.  I think I’m starting to panic a bit just thinking about all that needs to get done and my darn job just keeps getting in the way! 

11 thoughts on “Holiday Wreaths

  1. All of these wreathes are gorgeous! I esp. love the Christmas light wreath – you should definitely shop that around – Martha may want to have you on one day!


  2. You should absolutely EM them about your bulb wreath. It is too cool and a great idea. I am wondering now if all of the plethora of bulbs I have seen thrifting are still there. Hmmm….


  3. Wow lots of decorations! I bet it does take you a while to get them all set up each year. Your wreaths are absoultely amazing! I love the square picture fram version.


  4. Everything looks amazing! I love, love, love all your wreaths. You must have quite a collection of vintage ornaments to create so many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow the lightbulb wreath is a creative idea! You have posted so many lovely things to look at in the Holiday Home party, thank you for sharing.


  6. All the wreaths are gorgeous…you do an outstanding job…but I have NEVER seen anyone do a light bulb wreath, so you get high marks on the new & creative front…someone needs to know about this! I wish I had connections…I’d hook you up!


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