Ok, what’s next?

It’s a new year, christmas is packed up and in the attic.  Floors have been vacuumed and the house is back in semi-order. 


It feels good to start over, clean the slate so to speak.  In January my thoughts always turn to gardening.  It’s a cold day here, windy and I even saw a few rare snowflakes on my morning walk with the dog. 

I enjoy the gardening catalogs that come this time of year and now that the winter solstice is behind us every day is getting a little bit brighter for longer.

The houseplants have all been brought into the house or onto the porch.  In my last blog entry I talked about my book collection.  One of the books is about topiaries and I mentioned that I love to grow standards. 


This myrtle standard has moved around the country with me and I have had it for over a decade.  In the summer it gets very full and is so green, lush and round.  One year a big chunk of it died and for a long time we called it the death star but not anymore.  It rallied back, it is a tough old thing.


This is a bay laurel that I started from a 4 inch cutting.  It needs some reshaping this year but I love the smell of the leaves and I cook with the bay leaves often.  When I cut it back I throw the leaves in the trunk of my car when it is hot outside.  Within just a few days they are perfectly dried and my car smells great too.


This is an american boxwood and I was so excited when I found the starter plant for this.  Usually in the market boxwoods have been clipping into a hedge shape but this one was tall with a nice central stem.  This plant is 3 years old and is just beginning to have the hint of the proper standard shape.  Boxwoods grow extremely slow and I really look forward to when this one fills out and makes a nice lollipop shape.

Oh man, I can’t wait for warm weather.  sigh.

8 thoughts on “Ok, what’s next?

  1. Firsties!!
    I love your new banner–it’s so pretty.
    I have my whole house all cleaned up for Christmas–now I just need to clean the bathrooms–yuck. I have two boys in the house (not including hubby) and one is potty training.


  2. Good for you packing up christmas already. I am doing mine on the weekend. I love how christmas looks and feel a bit sad taking it down.
    Love your topiaries – well worth all the effort you put into them.


  3. Your topiaries. Boxwoods are a plenty at my house. They seem to be the only thing I keep alive for an extended period of time~


  4. I’m with you on the wish for warmer weather. It will be a while in my neck of the woods.
    If you’re finished putting away holiday decorations already, you’re way ahead of the game.
    Happy New Year.


  5. Suzy, You are so way ahead of me! I am just starting to put everything away today. I heard that you were having a cold snap in Virginia. Hopefully, that won’t last very long. I can’t wait for the warmer weather…I think that I will think about gardening while I take down a few of those indoor (Christmas) trees. xxoo, Susan


  6. these pictures are beautiful. those trees are amazing. i can’t wait to get my hands dirty in out gardens this year, but it seems i will be waiting for quite a long time!


  7. My tree is still up! hahha….but you saw why. we have been finishing up on the bathroom and I have no motivation or energy left to do much else…plus no time. Only so many hours in a day..no matter the tricks I try to manufacture more.
    This week…. trees down…and begin a doll and a bear….. wheeeeeee!!! fun stuff…


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