Susan asked “What’s in the bowls?”

My friend Susan asked in her blog today, what kind of bowls do you have around the house and what is in them?

I have lots of containers around the house, some are bowls but others are saucers, trays or small containers of many kinds.


I have lots of seashells at my house, I love ’em!



Some of my bowls are seashells.






Jeweled fruit including of course, a peach!



And this beautiful bowl contains nothing and I try to keep it that way.  I want to see the beautiful hawaiin quilt design and I love the pink color!  It was a gift from my sister.  She lived in Hawaii for many years.


Now you are sure that I have stuff everywhere, yes.  But it is organized so nicely in all my bowls!

5 thoughts on “Susan asked “What’s in the bowls?”

  1. Hello Suzy
    Sorry it has been a while since I visited.. I do hope that you had a good Christmaas & New Year greetings to you!
    I love the collections you have gathered..
    particularly the pincushions… how original!
    I also love the little glimpses of other treasures that you have in the background.. the gnome is enchanting!
    Have a wonderful creative year.. look forward to your projects this year.


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