Virtual Thrift Shopping


Cindy and her friend Kiva had an idea to hold a virtual thrift shopping trip on our blogs.  I don’t even need an excuse, really, to go thrifting.  But signing up for this gig absolutely made it mandatory.

Unfortunately my stinkin’ job got in the way of my fun last week.  My phone wouldn’t stop ringing and the work came pouring in.  I even had to work on SATURDAY!  The saturday gig was really annoying because it prevented me from driving to D.C. to go to the Big Flea with BFF Beth.

So inbetween work and more work I managed to squeeze in a few side trips to just a few of the prolific number of thirft stores in my area. 

I visited one of the CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters) in Norfolk, the CHKD in Hampton, Salvation Army in Virginia Beach and a CHKD in Newport News. 


I spent $3.45 on this lot.  My 10 yo was thrilled with the tupperware jello molds!  Now we have jiggly jellos for dinner!  The swanky swig was marked down to $0.15 from $0.45 and that was it’s 2nd markdown! 


Seashells for $1.45 for all.  Wooden balls for $0.65 and my favorite find was the vintage satin rayon ribbon for $1.96.  It’s sooo soft!


Lastly this vintage sheet for $1.96.   Groovy.

17 thoughts on “Virtual Thrift Shopping

  1. Awesome loot, Suzy! I like the glass, very idea looking. I also buy and buy and buy and buy….ribbon whenever I see it. You can certainly jazz up a blah bag with a bit of a bow and your friends think you went all out. :O)
    Hope next time you have a bit less work!
    Thanks for joining us and now go and have a cookie and smile at a job well done! And the jiggly jello, too!


  2. Fabulous finds!!! I’m always a nut for seashells but those jello molds….oh, and that ribbon! Mark me jealous. ;o)
    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta


  3. Great finds! Groovy sheets! Lovin’ the daisies! Oh, and the $29 sewing machine you’ve written about in another post! super cool! sew away, girls!


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