Hostage Situation

My local Toyota dealership has engaged in unsanctioned hostage torture methods. 

They shamelessly lure you in by giving "appointments" creating the illusion that there is an "order" or "queu".


You waltz in with outlined expectations (oil change) only to be coerced to agree to monetary humilation.  You passively cooperate thinking they will expedite the suffering only to be held hostage for 2.5 hours!

And when you are near the breaking point they send in the closers.  Two strangers without lives of their own who discuss in outdoor voices their recent medical histories and also their pet’s recent medical procedures.

Once they have you completely broken down, then they lead you to slaughter the checkout desk where you feebly write a check for $350, without so much as a whimper.

2 thoughts on “Hostage Situation

  1. Yep. That is why I don’t go to the dealership anymore for my Rav4. Paid over $600 for a service that was supposed to replace 3 windshield wipers. Went back to the service guy and asked…idiot tells me that it only includes 2. I left and then called the manager and let her know they would never again have my businss because of the cost of a windshield wiper. She was super apologetic, offered to have me come in or send me one. No thanks. I should have have to deal with that crap. Now I go to an independant that does great work. Their hours are not good for for working people, but I have been able to manage, and I feel like I get honest work at honest prices. Sorry for the rant.


  2. Funny post 🙂 ~ I won’t even get my own oil changed at Jiffy Lube anymore. Too many technicians coming in with woeful looks on their faces shaking their heads sadly over some random part and pronouncing it DOA and in need of hasty replacement.


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