I got so excited to start this project I forget to take a before picture.  Imagine dark brown thick wood, reminescent of a 1980’s waterbed set.




I’ll finish it this weekend, I need to get a few more pieces to fill in, maybe embellish the sides too.

20 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Oh, WOW!!! I LOVE those old flower pins, I only have a few. That is already completely gorgeous. You are so talented and clever. I love reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful creations and ideas.


  2. Got to catch my breath.. It’s already looking wonderful. How amazing will it be when it’s finished?! Love those vintage pins, and so many colorful pieces together.
    It’s a mirror that will make you smile!


  3. What an awesome idea. This is such a great craft project. I love all the wonderful flowers and little details you added. I do hope you post another picture of the completed project. Nice job!


  4. This is a great idea, and to think I was going to sell off my old enamel pins! (I just wish I had this great of a collection)


  5. Looking fabuuulouuuuus!!
    I’ve never seen so many beautiful enamel flowers all together!!
    Looks like a really fun project – bet you can’t wait to see the end result – I know I can’t!


  6. OOh La La! Very pretty. It looks like something you should be able to eat! Oh and I can well imagine that 1980s waterbed thing because that is sadly my bed. DH won’t part with it or let me paint it… uggghhh!


  7. your goodies are en route and may even be with you by tomorrow… the better to finish your fab mirror with! i am so jealous. you know how much i love the earring ones. perhaps i can stop my own variation of madness long enough to make one for my own self. ha! i think i will just dream about yours.


  8. So pretty, fab and mod! It looks like it belongs in Marcia Brady’s bedroom. You’ve got a great eye for how to get the most vavoom from vintage jewelry (and you must have a lot of glue, too!)


  9. Cool…another fun & gorgeous mirror – so pretty! I happened into a vintage jewelry store today to check it out & I almost fell over at the price of those colorful flower pins – $45 for just one!


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