Swedish Style Stitchin’

Yes, I know that I have three sewing machines.  Sew what?  Vintage Bernina for everyday, Babylock for backup, and vintage Riccar for extra backup.  (ok, it’s a very cool jadite green color, it’s for just because!)

On my way home from Baltimore yesterday I breezed into the Waldorf Thrift Store.  Quite huge, I was sure there would be something that I needed there.

I saw this and I had to bring her home.  She is like brand new, doesn’t even appear to have been used!  She is a late model (that means plastic parts), but she is SWEDISH.


Can you make out the grease pencil price, $29.29!

I think it is time for daughter no. 2 to learn how to sew. 

9 thoughts on “Swedish Style Stitchin’

  1. Hi Suzy, that’s a GREAT find!!! even I, reluctant to sew can appreciate that…i just LOVE what you are doing with the mirrors, you must have the mother lode stash of baubles:)


  2. I wish I had learned to sew when I was a kid. It is embarrassing not to know this…. and to have to take lessons…and still feel out of it because the women taking lessons already know tons more than I do. arrgghhhh
    oh, hey… I just noticed some fun little goodies scrolling past in the slide show… must have a look…


  3. That, my dear, was a knock out price.
    I love love love my Vikings.
    I have two – one digital and one mechanical.
    I bought Z a Janome Hello Kitty machine for her b-day and she prefers my Vikings.
    Did I mention I love me Vikings?
    Have fun, C


  4. Lucky lucky lucky!! Congrats on the wonderful score! Now….where are you gonna put it?? (that’s what I would be thinking at this point! lol)
    Smiles, Karen


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