I’m a Sucker for Succulents

I didn’t discover the joys of gardening until I owned my second house.  Gardening was in my blood however, my parents always kept our family home beautifully landscaped, doing all the work themselves. 

But before I ever unleashed my love for perennials and herbs I loved houseplants and container gardening.  I probably started with african violets from the grocery store, but even in my very first apartment when I was 17, I had houseplants.  I have always embellished my decor with all types of houseplants and before long I discovered SUCCULENTS.

lithops 600px-Lithops_species1000
SUCCULENTS 07succulents
There is just something so insanely cool about these prehistoric looking plants.  They are so easy to care for, they really thrive on neglect and they love hot and dry weather.

While many succulents would be considered tropical plants in my zone 8 garden, I find that with a little bit of protection many of them will winter over.  Or I can just take a few cuttings and throw them in a pot all together and bring them into the sunny room for the cold season.  In the spring I can start over because they are insanely easy to root up again.

Or I just treat them as annuals and buy more each year.  They are perfect in all those hot dry spots for a bit of color and texture, and most of them bloom too.





It has turned cold here today and I’m just feeling very antsy for spring.  I am so ready to hit the garden centers and nurseries and get started digging in the dirt.

21 thoughts on “I’m a Sucker for Succulents

  1. oh, i love succulents! my husband has a jade plant that he bought with 3 leaves and it is now too big for me to put my arms around! i have wanted a succulent wreath for soooo long! one day i will get one. is it super heavy? how do you water it? by the way thanks for the comment about the suitcase dog bed!


  2. Succulents are such resilient, forgiving plants. My Gramma had a whole wall of what she called Hens and Chickens outside her back door. I was always fascinated with them 🙂


  3. I’ve had a fetish for living stones since I was about 8. Aren’t they the best? You showed a fabulous assortment. Wish I had as many colors/kinds…


  4. Love your collection of succulents. The Sedums and Semps and Lithops all look like they’re growing so well. (And there are those who say Lithops (Living Stones) are just too difficult to grow! It sure can be addicting.


  5. Gram always had Hens and Chicks. Can’t look at them without thinking of her.
    That succulent wreath is awesome!
    I have a little patch of sedum that survives here in Ohio. Its close to house, so I’m sure that helps.
    And I’m right with you in itchin’ for spring. My hands want to feel the soil.
    Kimberly 🙂


  6. Somehow, I nearly always manage to kill succulents. I guess that I find it hard to figure out exactly where it sits on the care scale. It certainly isn’t needly, but it can’t be forgotten either. Plus, it looks good up until the point of no return. Very tricky these plants are, very tricky I tell you.
    And now that I’ve admitted to killing what might be one of the easier plants to grow, I feel certain that someone, somewhere is going to yank that hard-earned MG certificate 😉


  7. Somehow, I always manage to kill succulents. I guess I just haven’t figured out exactly where to place them on the care scale. They certainly aren’t a needy plant but they really look fine up until the point of no return. They are tricky plants, very very tricky plants.
    And now that I have admitted being unable to keep alive one of the easier plants, I feel certain that someone, somewhere will now revoke my hard-earned MG certificate. 🙂


  8. Hi Suzy!
    Loved looking at all the wonderful plants ~ those little ones in the pots are Lithops(or baby toes). They are so cute, just like toes; I’ve grown them before but you have to be very careful to not overwater them.
    Your post definitely made me want to get growing!! That wreath is extraordinary!! Thanks for sharing all your great photos and inspiring me on this cool morning!!
    Bebe 🙂


  9. I adore succulents, unfortunately many of them can’t cope with the British winter, too much frost. I’ve tried over wintering in the house but they haven’t been very happy there either, one day I’ll get a green house.


  10. Gorgeouse!! The wreath is sensational!! I must admit, even though I’m a garden lover, succulents have never been my thing, but seeing your photos made me change my mind! Way cool!


  11. I agree with you on the Succulants. I am in So.Cali. and We hit 100 all summer long, the succulants do wonderful. I have several variets that give the most beautiful flowers too.


  12. Hi Suzy…….my random number generator picked you as the winner of my blog giveaway out of 227 entries! Please email me (you can do it thru my blog~I can’t seem to find your email here) with your mailing address and I will send your goodies out next week~XO~Janet


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