Peeps & Betsy’s

Ah, what a busy week!  Whew, I am so going to bed early tonight!  My honey has been gone to Oklahoma to help his parents so I’m flying solo here at home with the girls.  Work has been hectic, I’ve been driving all over the place.  Company is coming tomorrow, no rest for the weary!

My BFF Beth had the idea to make a wreath out of chenille chicks so I pulled out the glue gun today and put a little one together.  Cheery!


Also, I got some new Betsy’s today.  I just love these!  I have quite a collection going now and I want to have enough to make a Betsy tree this christmas.


These are the handiwork of a very talented lady and blogger friend, Sadie Lou Who.   

No matter how hectic the week is or how tired I am or how late it is, I’ve always got to check in with my blog friends.  So let me go see what everyone has been up to this week. . . .

9 thoughts on “Peeps & Betsy’s

  1. Ok – this is too cute and funny! How many peeps did it take? I have seen many SIZES in the peeps also – and then there are colors. Its a cute idea.


  2. Hi Suzy – hehe, your wonderful wreath sure made me smile! I keep chickens so love this! They look like a very close family all huddled together like that!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


  3. Oh gosh Suzy!
    That picture is fabulous!! I have to post it to my blog and brag. That is the prettiest picture I’ve ever seen of them…Thank you so much!
    ~Sadie Lou


  4. That Peep Wreath is a riot! Kudos to Beth for thinking up that baby, and hats off to you for executing it. Gotta make me one of those. I’m off on a peep search.


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