Wait! . . . what was that he said?

Episode Eleven of Project Runway, the final challenge.  It was fabulous.  But did you catch that word Tim used when he was talking to Christian about his outfit.

I had to run and get the dictionary, I had never in my life heard it . . .




Obfuscate – to bewilder, confuse or to stupefy.  OK then.

You can see the final collections here, but I’m confused (or maybe obfuscated).  There are 5 designers presenting their collections at Bryant Park including Sweet P.  She was just eliminated?  Huh?

Can’t wait to see who wins!

8 thoughts on “Wait! . . . what was that he said?

  1. How’d you already see it? I thought it wasn’t on til Wednesday. And I am completely obfuscated over Sweet Pea showing. Hmmm.. they sure came up with some professional looks, huh? gosh I love that show!


  2. he always says the craziest things!
    i don’t get it either. i love sweet p’s designs the best.
    i guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    make it work!


  3. I remember this word because my English teacher used to tell us “Don’t obfuscate your palabra” — palabra means “speech” so this was an ironic English teacher way to tell us not to use big words to for the sake of using big words 🙂


  4. Omygod I love this show. Haven’t watched this one, I have it Tivo’ed. The funny part is hearing my husband repeat what Tim says. My manly man walking around going Nnnnnnkay? Too funny


  5. They couldn’t decide on the third spot – between Rami and Chris – so they are letting each of them do a collection and will pick one to actually go on to Fashion Week. Brutal!


  6. What??? I just went to look at the collections and have no idea how Sweet P got there. She was definitely aufederseined on the last episode.


  7. What did he say his Diva wrestling name was? Polymo- oh shoot (I could say it but not spell it, I am afraid). Perfect name for him, that means he uses a lot of big words.


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