More Beaded Pretties

I have a small collection of vintage beaded flowers.  The ones that I used to make this  wreath were vintage italian.  But a few years ago I attended an estate sale in New Jersey and there I picked up several lovely arrangements that were made by the lady that had lived there.  In hindsight I wish that I had bought every piece in the house, but at that time I didn’t really appreciate them for their handcrafted beauty.


I love this one.  It was made in a silver egg shaped container.


Aren’t these hyacinths to die for!


I think these are mums, so pretty!


Just a little bouquet on the wall of the stairway.


It’s a turtle sprouting daisies.


I liked this one, cause it’s a bit odd looking.  I have a vintage book about making these flowers and this one is in it.  They call it the pom pom flower. 

I’m very inspired to try my hand at making some of these, kind of a lost art don’t ya think? 

I have one left to show you and it is very special.  I need to clean it up and take a beautiful photograph so I will do that soon.  Ciao!   

16 thoughts on “More Beaded Pretties

  1. I can just imagine how much work goes into those! I wonder if there’s an easier version of them…….This reminds me of the kit I had as a kid, where you make wire petals and dip them in transparent enamels or whatever. Highly smelly! Kind of like nail polish, but more elastic.


  2. Wow, you know alot of eye-straining work and time went into those. They are made the same way as the old jewelry I found at the thrift store last week (check my blog for a picture). They look great displayed in your house.


  3. Wow-those are all so beautiful. I think you are right about it being a bit of a lost art (though there are a couple sellers on Etsy who do them). The work involved must really be something. I think it’s great that you are loving them and saving them so they will be around even longer to be enjoyed.
    Smiles, Karen


  4. Wow! All bought at the same estate? Incredible. after seeing your wreath I too thought I’d like to give a try at that craft. In my spare time–lol!!


  5. I used to make these with my grandma. I wish I had a couple that we had made! who knows where things go off to???? She made sea shell flowers too, and I don’t have any of those either. But I collect them when I see them in antique shops. I’d forgotten about the beaded flowers, now I just might need to collect those too!!


  6. There is a great teacher of these techniques – Arlene Baker. She has written a book on it also. If you ever get to LA she teaches once a month. If you are interested in more information email me.
    p.s. Thanks for the info on the little chicks – I have been haunting a couple Big Lots but they don’t have them (I am hoping they are coming though). World Market has a good color selection


  7. Hi Suzy!
    I love these beaded flowers! Your wreath turned out amazing!
    I have a (very) small collection of them too… and I thought about making some myself at one point, until I realized that I don’t think I have the patience! LOL. I know I have a good book somewhere on how to make several types. I’ll see if I can find it and send you the pub. info.
    Happy Saturday!!!


  8. You are so lucky to have found all of those lovely bouquets! I have just one small bunch, and I do treasure them for their beauty.


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