Shabby FuFulicious

Miss Janet over at Shabby FuFu recently hosted a spectacular giveaway.  I was the lucky, lucky winner of her over the top generosity!


Look at all these incredible, beautiful things!  And there is more!





There are more goodies inside the valentine box!


Thank you Janet, I am blown away by this beautiful and generous package!

I get asked all the time where my drop dead gorgeous dress form came from. 


I purchased her a few years ago from Janets online shop.  I love her Shabby FuFuliciousness!

In Janet’s blog today she has a link to a very funny article by Dave Barry in her paper that is about colonoscopies.    It will bring tears to your eyes it is so funny!  But seriously, do head to your doctor and ask for one of those if you are the age of 50.  My soulmate had one at the age of 47 because his doctor found some trace blood on a routine exam and decided better safe than sorry so go have one.  Well, he is alive today because of that test.  Really.   

11 thoughts on “Shabby FuFulicious

  1. So glad that you liked it all Suzy~I am sure that you will do some really creative things! Wow, neat to see how my dress forms have evolved over the years. Much more fufu nowadays~lol! ~XO~ Janet


  2. Such a generous giveaway gift!
    Beautiful items, all of them.
    And that pretty vintage fabric couldn’t have gone to a better person…well, maybe me. LOL
    Kimberly 🙂


  3. Hi Susan Funny! I had an endiscopy and colonoscopy at same time!Like a shis-ka-bob!
    How do you keep up with all these blogs!
    I love your stash! Shabbyfufu has been around a long time.Gorgeous mosaics too! Denise


  4. Oh yeah–there’s that gorgeous dress form we (the entire Cottage Style STreet Team) have been drooling over!
    Thanks for sharing the link to Dave Barry’s little morsel! lol We no longer get his column in our paper and I had forgotten how dang funny he is *wiping tears from eyes*!
    Smiles, Karen


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