Garden Rebirth

Rain is heading our way tomorrow but these past two days have been sunny and warm.  Our winter this year has been the mildest I can ever remember.  The ground never did freeze so here it is March 6 and my garden is already springing to life.

I have been raking leaves and cutting back dead growth and making the garden all tidy.  I like to get the new mulch down before things start to take off, but the garden is just leaving me in the dust this year. 

I do love raking back the winter leaves and finding the plants springing to life.  Sometimes they are all white or yellow because they haven’t broken through to the sunlight yet.  Yesterday I cut back the hardy banana trees and today they have shot up with 2 inches of new growth! 

IMG_0456 IMG_0457
IMG_0459 IMG_0460

This time of year the camellias are blooming. 


I love them and I need more of these for my garden!


One sure sign of spring is when the forsythia starts to bloom. 

AND, how about that fabulous Christian!  I am a devotee of Project Runway and of course I stayed up to watch the finale last night.  All the collections were fabulous, but of course Christian’s was fierce! 


7 thoughts on “Garden Rebirth

  1. You are so good to have started on your garden already! I haven’t had a chance to peek under the leaves and debris to see what might be sprouting in mine.
    I’m so happy about Christian’s win on PR last night. I was rooting for him. I love how he’s so full of himself one moment and so insecure the next. The sign of a true artist!


  2. Good for you, tending to the garden. I find it difficult to do anything other than plunk annuals in pots.
    My mom loved gardening so much, and she made me do all the weeding when I was little. Can you say ‘hives’?! Hello! It was such a miserable experience for me. But after she died I felt a need to become familiar with the activities that were dear to her. So one year I made a big plan, got seeds, and planted a bright cheery garden. It was a glorious success, complete with veggies and flowers……and since then I haven’t had the patience 🙂 I’m not giving up entirely though. I know that there’s much to be gained by giving one’s attention to Nature


  3. Funny how we think alike. Look at the picture in the beginning of my post today. I was excited to see pussy willows in my back yard…we’re getting there. You are so lucky to get the flowering trees earlier. I’m looking forward to seeing what new plants you will be potting and otherwise putting in the garden this year. xxoo, Susan


  4. Wow, I wish I could start getting things ready….a bit too soon for us, they are calling for more snow this weekend. Thanks for sharing that lovely red camellia!!


  5. we had snow flurries WAY down here on the gulf coast – that is about as normal as hell freezing over 😉 anyway, I watched the PR finale as well and after seeing the little closet that C was sleeping/working in and hearing that he had worn those 9-inch heels around his appt for a week, I couldn’t help but hope he would win


  6. Oh man! I love Project Runway!! Christian was one of my favorites. I was seriously rooting for him.


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