Sunny Sunday & New Project

The sun is so bright today!  Brisk and sunny.  I just did a quick tour of the garden and after the rain of the past two days there is a lot sprouting out there.

I have had an idea that has been simmering and this weekend I sat down at the sewing machine to play it out.

I’ve been collecting some of those small plastic organizer boxes from various places.  I needed to organize my jewelry and they work especially well for earrings and smaller bracelets and necklaces.  The tiny compartments keep all the various pieces from forming one giant tangled mass.  You can slip them into a drawer easily and they are somewhat see through.

When I travel I always take some jewelry but I like to grab a few items so that I have a selection.  I don’t always where the same pieces with the same outfits, I mix it up. 

My simmering idea was to use my beautiful vintage fabrics to make a pretty case for the utilitarian plastic organizers.


My creations turned out to be tiny totes.  I used small pieces of many different fabrics in random patchwork combinations.  I used all different fabrics inside for lining, lots of color here!  Little handles, zipper closure, beaded zipper pull.  Extra pockets inside for those bigger pieces of jewelry that don’t fit in the plastic organizer.


I used two different types of plastic organizers in these jewelry totes.  This one is nice because it has adjustable compartments. 


This one is my preference, it is double sided and has 16 compartments.  Nice and compact but with lots of storage.


I’m going to pop these into my etsy shop and see if anyone else likes my idea. 

I’m such a girlie girl sometimes.  I have my vintage train case when I travel.  I like a pretty suitcase and all my cosmetic bags and other toiletries to travel in style with me.   

9 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday & New Project

  1. Hi. I just strolled through your blog and really enjoyed it. Love all the pics. I think those tins are precious! I found you through Peaches and Dreams Georgia girls blog roll.


  2. Very Clever Girl! Your bags are gorgeous 🙂 Don’t you just love being inspired?
    My mom used to have two of those train cases, both a grayish blue. Why oh why did I ever let those get away? Fortunately I found a similar one at Goodwill.
    Happy Sunday!


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