Get to Know Hampton, VA

Hampton is a small town, (not really) but, well it FEELS like a small town.  Population is 150,000+ which ain’t  (this is the south ya know) really so small.  But it has such a small town feel.  Go to the YMCA and you will bump into at least a few folks that you know.  My neighborhood grocery is within walking distance.   No matter where you are in Hampton, you are just a short distance to the beach.  Most of us can walk just a few blocks to get to the water.

Hampton has just got that small town vibe.

Hampton is part of Hampton Roads which is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Virginia.  But yet a lot of folks don’t know quite where Hampton is.  If you head east on 64 from Richmond towards Virginia Beach, the last town that you pass through before you head into the bridge/tunnel is Hampton.

Hampton has a really nice, historical and quaint downtown.



Nice little shops, decent restaurants.  Once the trees start to leaf out it will be beautiful.






Thanks for stopping by my town!

18 thoughts on “Get to Know Hampton, VA

  1. I think I need to move there!! I dreeeeam of a small lovely town. I grew up in a small horrid town…. But, a small lovely town like yours, is just what I am looking for 🙂 Although, I can’t leave the Mister. Maybe I could find a second home????? Oh yes!!! Oh, do I need money for that? hee eee


  2. It’s lovely. I crave the small-town…living in L.A. for the last 25 yrs & it is getting worse. They just keep building & building & taking all the grass/trees & space away. If it weren’t for my husband, I’d be out of here.


  3. I’m delighted to get to know little towns in the US (which my favorite destination for vacations) via the blogland ! thanks for this lovely post ! 🙂


  4. Such a quaint little town, we hope to make a stop there on a road trip out there this summer for a little shopping, lloks like we will have some great places to go to.


  5. Looks like a quaint little town. We hope to stop there for some shopping this summer on a little road trip we are taking, by the the looks of the shops, I better bring my credit card!!


  6. My aunt and cousin both live in Hampton. My aunt just moved into a new apartment building within walking distance to the imax theatre. I always enjoy my visits there!


  7. That was fun. What a charming town. I’ve always wanted to go to the south. We California girls think of the south as so charming and quaint and girly too. Someday, I hope to visit!


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