Yeah Spring!

Oh man, I love to garden.  I live for spring.  Where I live it is a pretty temperate climate, but we have a winter here.  Although this past winter wasn’t much to talk about (thanks global warming).  Where I live on the coast of Virginia we are in a zone 8 climate.  That’s pretty good, just like most of the Carolina’s and Georgia. 

But still, the trees drop their leaves, the garden goes dormant.  SO, I just love spring when the garden starts to spring back to life.

I took myself to one of the local garden centers today.  They have a wonderful display of miniature gardens that they are trying to sell.

I am very inspired by these liliputian planted gardens.



I really do love these, I am getting a lot of ideas. 


I love this little stone house, but the price tag, yikes!


Here is a close up of this garden.  I love the japanese maple.



Oh, and I love this sedum display.  I LOVE sedums! 

I hope you are as inspired as I was by this trip to the garden center.  Happy Spring!!

21 thoughts on “Yeah Spring!

  1. It is almost like I was there! Thanks, Suzy! I think I will head to the garden center tomorrow. Maybe the greenhouse at the pottery in Williamsburg. See what you started!!! :O)


  2. I came across your blog when I did a search for Fetch in Hillsborough, NC, pulled up your blog and found that you’d been there. Fetch is one of my favorite places!
    I, too, love to garden and I love it when the plants burst forth in the spring.


  3. Here where I live we call those little gardens Fairy Gardens. Aren’t they so sweet? It’s like looking into a dollhouse…only I guess that would be the yard of a dollhouse…I love them, too =-)


  4. Love these little gardens. Stash Jr and I were just out and about at our garden center and we filled our little red wagon with sedums. I am making table centerpieces for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and decided to do live plantings so guests would have a little something to take home. I’m CRAZY because I have to keep them alive and “pretty” for three weeks – ahhh! The pressure 😉 I figured sedums, calla lillies, ice plants, and dark sweet potato vines – all with a shade of vein of that deep purple wouldn’t let me down. Have a happy easter!


  5. Suzy- Now, that is just the thing for my garden! What were the table and chairs made from? I love that! I need to get some new flowers to plant once it stops raining- we need it, so I won’t complain! I just saw a rabbit out back and when I tried to take a picture he ran away! The squirrel nearby just looked at me like- where is the bag of sunflower seeds??!!I love Springtime too! Its all about the color! And sedums- my Granny had Hen and Chicks and I loved them so very much. I have a lot of Jade plants- they are just so easy- anyway- Have a Happy Easter! Love and Stitches, xxxooo calamity Kim


  6. But, you are so handy,….you could build your own fairy gardens… even an unpainted bird house could be fixed a bit to resemble a house…(stick a little door over the hole and snap off the perch)… check out some little chairs at Michael’s.. there are some unpainted…you could paint or lacquer them…. lots of goodies to add to a planter or spot in your own garden… oooh… I want to make one now.! and… just so ya know..I am jealous… cuz I won’t be seeing any greenery in my garden for months yet…. it is all dead and brown still and we could still have snow any day…..
    I love that weeping/ferny thingy…the hanging one…. looks very fragile and beautiful…..


  7. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. My daughter and I have a miniature garden and I appreciate all of the great ideas.


  8. That is exactly what we were doing today! I put pansies in the pots in front of the house, and we started a veggie garden in back. Planted sweet peas and regular peas so far. Like you, I am giddy with the delight of getting my hands back into the soil! Love those tiny little houses. The pictures are great. Happy Easter. Susan


  9. I love those mini gardens! I’m so inspired! I have a little dollhouse size metal table and chairs set and now I’m going to set it up in a flower put surrounded by pansies! Thank you for the inspiration!


  10. Hi Suzy,
    Those little mini gardens are so adorable; especially love the one with the little table and chair set. I can imagine looking out my window one morning and seeing Mr. Squirrel with his feet propped up on the table 🙂 Too cute, though ~ always love seeing the gardening posts!!
    Hugs, Bebe 🙂


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