Buttons for Sunday Breakfast

Today in blogland you will find lots and lots of pretty vintage buttons.  Today is the day to share photos of some of your personal stash and favorites. 

This was all the brilliant idea of Analaise of Sugar*Sugar.  Pop over to her blog today and find links to buttons all over the world.

I don’t even know where to begin.  Actually the beginning for me was an auction in Keyport, NJ.  My BFF Beth was visiting me at my home in Middletown on the Jersey Shore.  Neither of us had ever been to an auction and there just happened to be one that Friday evening in Keyport.  Well, Mr GeorgiaPeachez was busy with a concert at his shed, PNC Bank Arts Center.  So that left us girls with nothing to do.  (Actually we have three kids between us and Beth’s husband so we left daughter No 1 in charge and took hubby with us)

We got ourselves over to Keyport which is right on the coast.  A cute little town with a few antique malls and an auction house.  We signed up and got our paddle then perused the offerings.  There was a large box of assorted buttons that caught our eye. 

When the bidding began and finally got to the buttons we were ready.  Unfortunately there was another interested party or we would have had them for a song.  Due to Beth’s encouraging, fortunately we ended up as high bidder and we took our prizes home and split the bootie.

We came away with a fabulous assortment of vintage buttons and I am still using those buttons today.  That purchase was the first that really wet my appetite for collecting and hoarding these simple utilitarian beauties of the past.


These are some very special buttons.  The pink one with the blue rhinestones is my most coveted button.  It’s just plastic, but I love it.


I do try to sort my buttons by color.  I have so many it helps me stay organized.



These german glass buttons are destined to become jewelry.


I love BIG buttons!


Just pretty buttons.


I’ve taken buttons and put them together and made brooches.  Sometimes I add them to my totes.


Friday it was 87 degrees here and today it will be about 48.  Don’t ya just love March weather!  Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy all the buttons today    :->       

31 thoughts on “Buttons for Sunday Breakfast

  1. SOOO very pretty, Suzy. I really do think you (and Beth) have THE best collection around. Makes me wanna run to the sewing room and sort mine out right now! 🙂


  2. Wonderful!!! I love that pink one with the blue rhinestones too–I’ve never seen one like that. Very lovely, thanks for sharing! I just discovered this little button/blog thing this morning, and I already did a blog post today–so I’ll have to do my button post this week some times (oh goodie, I get to play with my buttons *claps hands*)
    Smiles, Karen


  3. I keep saying this to all you buttonlovers in the States; your vintage buttons are so colourful! (like your wallpaper). I love your collection. Perhaps you could host a buttonswap sometimes (I would love to be your partner!). Love your banner too of course!


  4. Wow that is one serious collection of buttons. So many beautiful ones. Love the collection of green and yellows.
    Thanks for checking out my buttons too


  5. You have a wonderful collection of buttons! Looove the pink/aqua the most of all!
    I also am adoring your banner with buttons!
    So fun, I hope you will pop over and check out my buttons too! :0)
    ~Cerri xo


  6. Suzy, thanks for sharing your beautiful buttons…you have some of the prettiest colored ones i have seen so far!!! and your button banner is a stunner:)


  7. Suzy~
    I KNEW you would have great buttons!! They are so beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I love the pink with blue rhinestones one too! Adorable!!


  8. You are right your favorite the Pink plastic Button with the blue stones is just like my red Button and that too is one of my favorites, in fact I had it in it’s own little plastic bag for save keeping (:
    Hugs from your Button Sister,


  9. I love buttons too! Blogging just rocks! Not to long ago I thought I was a weirdo bc of all of my not so mainstream interests. I’ve found my peeps who also collect buttons, vintage tablecloths, etc. etc!


  10. I love all your buttons. I had mine sorted them threw them all in one giant jar. Now I wanna sort them again. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing. I love your bags too.


  11. Buttons are totally irresistible… I have a small collection I use in my frames but I find it very hard to part with them and to split them up.. they belong together!
    My mother had a huge tin of vintage buttons that I played with as a child.. I would love to know where they are now!


  12. I am seeing such lovely buttons all around blogland – I am admiring your wonderful collection. I can’t believe the warm temps you have been experiencing!! – sounds heavenly – check out my latest blog post for our current weather conditions – oh my!


  13. I’m a great fan of old buttons, too. Each is like a little gem. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collection. Too bad I missed the special button day on March 30. But my digital camera’s battery is dead. Once my new one arrives in the mail, I’ll get right to photographing my favorite buttons.


  14. Sooo beautiful! I LOVE your button collection! Unfortunatly someone threw out my grandmothers button collection….which was huge …so I’m left with just a few really booooring ones! Thanks for letting me drool over yours though 😉


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