Ready to Go

Washed up my pretty pink cruiser, now I’m ready to feel that wind in my hair and the bugs in my teeth. 


The garden is really starting to pop.






What’s popping in your garden?   

16 thoughts on “Ready to Go

  1. I’ve got some crocuses blooming! That’s about it up north. Peonies and daylillies are poking up about an inch. Your little flowers look so happy…can’t wait to see more of mine.


  2. Crap. Construction Crap. That’s about all that’s poppin in our garden. But it’ll change by summer! 🙂
    Lovin your pics. Enjoy the season!


  3. First of all I wanted to say that I love your colorful banner. Secondly, lots is popping in my East Texas garden. Most everything, actually. We have mild winters here. Every morning when I take the Yorkies outside, I smell the scent of spring and see all sorts of little lovelies poking up to greet me from the soil.


  4. Love the bike and the shrooms. I have mini daffodils and chinodoxia–the yellow and blue are so cheerful together. Other things are just getting started, but I should see columbines and bleeding heart in bloom soon. I think it’s fun to watch the hosta unfurl too.
    You have your mulch down already–I’m jealous! Kidding.


  5. I have a pink bike with a wicker basket too! we must be twins! I love, love love your mushrooms! and your flowers! It is raining here and I am so glad. I am getting ready to plant some geraniums and stuff. I haven’t done much gardening lately, except for trimming and I need to get new mulch and ugh! I would rather be indoors sewing- it was in the 80’s today- I am afraid its going to be very hot this year! Anyway- just wanted to say hi, sweet pea! get on your bike and RIDE!!!!


  6. Hi,have just found your blog! I love the pink bike! And your garden!
    In my garden..lots of spring flowers like primroses and periwinkle. And hopefully much more very soon.. as I sowed a lot of seeds today,in my greenhouse.;-) Sal UK


  7. Hi Suzy!
    Okay, I am SO jealous of your awesome pink bike, I have been wanting a pink cruiser for 2 years now! Maybe I should start saving up for one… yours is too cute!
    beautiful garden too! :0)


  8. I have a pink cruiser too!!!! I love it, I just need to get a cool basket for it so I can ride to the store. Love your yard,
    Tracy M.


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