Rainy Sunday – Great Day for Sewing!

We are getting some wonderful rain today.  After the drought of 2007 we need every drop that we can get going into this spring/summer season.

Perfect day to stay in the studio and work on some projects.

My friend Kelly asked me to make a purse for a friend using the colors chocolate, pink, mango and periwinkle.  Interesting combination.  Here is what I am playing around with.



And if that color doesn’t wake you up look at my pretty vintage tablecloth that I just got for my dining room.  The raspberry matches my raspberry walls.  Yummy!


14 thoughts on “Rainy Sunday – Great Day for Sewing!

  1. Love the purse! And the table cloth is so adorable! I have a large collection of those old tablecloths! I love them!! I like (love) them way better than boring new ones…of course if it comes from Anthropologie then that’s a different story!!;0)
    Always smiles! Joy
    P.s. I love those buttons!!! You have the BEST collection! Can you add me to your will for those! (Wink!)


  2. Wow! That woke me up!!! Love the colours!
    Can’t believe that you had a drought last year – we had soooo much rain with flooding here….we’re hoping for a dryer summer in 2008!


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