Magazine Clippings Idea Books

I love magazines.  Home decor, decorating, crafts, sewing, beading, etc.  I have every issue of Home Companion magazine.  I read Martha, Country Home, Country Living, Romantic Home, Romantic Country, etc, etc, etc. 

I started years ago to tear out my favorite pictures or articles from these magazines and chuck them into a file folder. 

But a few years ago I got myself ubber organized and put everything into sheet protectors and then into 3 ring binders. 

So before passing along my magazines when I am finished with them, I tear out any pages that I find inspiring.

I know have so much material that I have had to categorize my clippings and start separate binders. 


The biggest binder by far is just general, pictures that inspire me.



Another binder for decorating/craft projects.



Gardening of course.


Gotta have one for Christmas ideas.


Most recently I started one for purse/tote ideas. 


Nothing gets me more motivated than thumbing through these books.  One of these days they will even inspire me to make pretty covers for the plain binders themselves!

9 thoughts on “Magazine Clippings Idea Books

  1. I keep meaning to add my fav clippings to old books, then cover them in fav fabrics a la Posy. But alas, I’ve done nothing yet. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


  2. This is such a great idea! Magazines are overflowing at the house and the studio! I actually started a couple of these years ago but I since forgotton about them so thanks for the reminder! I am a brand new blogger and can’t believe what all I was missing! You Gals are all so creative!! If you don’t mind, I have added your link to my new Blogspot 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration! Liz


  3. I do the same thing but haven’t quite gotten them into binders yet! In fact I have stacks and stacks to go through…but you have inspired me to do so!


  4. What a great idea. I’ve been using my brain as a file for those wonderful inspirations I see. Haven’t had a lot of luck in accessing those files after a couple of months–I think I’ll give the notebooks a try!


  5. I got a kick out of your post – I have done the same thing. And I’m pretty sure we have a lot of the same clippings inside of our binders! I see Amy and David Butler biking in that one article. Loved their old house, love the new one, too! I can SO relate about all of the magazines! I , too, have saved every issue of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion, and also Victoria, Martha Stewart Living – etc, etc! Since I simply can’t save every issue of EVERYTHING, I started a few years ago categorizing them in binders. Part of me still hated to cut up fabulous magazines – but a girl only has so much room!


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