Sis Boom Fabrics – Divine!

Sis Boom fabrics, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, divine.  Luscious colors and patterns, oh yeah.   I have such a hard time choosing which pattern to work with because I LOVE them all. 


So I don’t choose, I just use them all!


They work so well together.


It’s so pretty on the inside you could reverse it if you want to.



10 thoughts on “Sis Boom Fabrics – Divine!

  1. brill idea….. thanks for some lovely springlike colours to look at…I have white around here today….snow white that is….. 9 inches of it…… am going around singing Jingle Bells….sigh…..


  2. This is gorgeous! I’d forgotten my Etsy username, so I called a friend who signed on quickly and purchased it for me. I cannot wait to do some crafting and/or cleaning with this bit of loveliness tied around my waist!


  3. That is absolutely fantastic!! It takes daring and finesse to put all those patterns together and not everyone can pull it off–but YOU CAN! I just love it!
    Smiles, Karen


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