OMG!  I’m so excited I can hardly type this.  Go out right now and get your copy of the May issue of Romantic Homes.  I know you were going to buy it anyway, but hurry up!


Filp on over to page 59.  There it is!  See that stinkin’ cute pin cushion on top of the fabrics!  That pin cushion was made by my BFF BETH !!  I’m am so proud and pleased to see one of her creations finally make it into print, and in one of our top fav magazines too!  Hop on over to Beth’s blog and read all about it. 

I thought this would be a good time to show you my private collection of pin cushions that were created by Beth.


Aren’t they fabulous!  I often source vintage figurines for Beth to use in her creations.  When I found this little birdie I had Beth make this pin cushion with it just for me.  The girl with the watering can pin cushion really spoke to me, (I’m a gardening girlie) so I had to have her.


This little trio of cuties was created by Beth several years ago.  This is where she started with her pin cushions, then they evolved to what you see today by adding vintage figurines and loads of vintage embellishments.  They are so FAB!  I am so proud to call her my friend and I am so excited to see her creation in print! 

So now you are saying "where can I get one of these fabulous pin cushions!"  Beth sells them on eBay and etsy.  Pop over to her Blog and you will find the links to her shops.  Hurry! 

15 thoughts on “WOW! WOW! WOW!

  1. How much fun for both of you! I will certainly have a look at the magazine. Beth’s work is lovely and very creative.


  2. Thanks for stopping by recently – I was sorry to learn of your MIL death. Could we have been at Arlington the same day? We were there for our friend’s burial service on Wed. 4/2.
    Loved looking at your binders – see many of the same pics I’ve saved over the years.


  3. Well, I am excited for you as well as for Beth. It is special to have a friend that gets that excited for you and your creations….for your success. You sound like a great friend…what fun for both of you.


  4. That is so so exciting! I would be so excited I would pop!
    You two are just the cutest BFF ever. 🙂 I’m really happy to have discovered your blogs.
    What a gift to have someone you connect with on so many levels.


  5. I am such a fan of Beth’s pincushions. They are outstanding! I’m very happy for her! Your aprons in the post below are fabulous. The fabrics are amazing.


  6. Thank you…I just went to Beth’s etsy…and I happen to buy a little tote…it said come home and I have been sending out infor on e-mail as a suggestion for Mother’s Day…see I do have control..I did not just buy…buy..maybe I will diet today…thanks for all you give..when I read your blog…too sweet!


  7. I was gonna pick one up today with my discount coupon! I actually re-subscribed to the mag but won’t get the first issue until June. I’ll pop on over to Beth’s!


  8. Loved, loved your blog. Added you to my link list for friends. Gonna check out your e-bay and etsy also. Found you blog,
    thru a show and tell sunday on sugar*sugar*.


  9. Huge congrats to your friend–what a cool thing to be in that fanatastic mag! WOW! I can see why you love those pincushions so much–they are so pretty and fun! I love the little bird one, it’s just as sweet as can be.
    Smiles, Karen


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