Chocolate, Mango, Periwinkle & Strawberry – Sounds Yummy

My friend Kelly requested a purse incorporating the colors of chocolate, mango, periwinkle and strawberry.  What a yummy descriptive combination of colors.  I mulled it over and pulled out a few fabrics from my stash and then cut them into strips.  Then I combined the strips, nothing exciting about that, but the colors really did come together and made for a very nice composition.

I was sew inspired I created two purses for her to choose from.



I’m really into my beaded zipper pulls too, I am playing around with beading.  I am such a jewelry pig, I am really intrigued with creating some jewelry using vintage components.  So for now I am having fun making the zipper pulls.





14 thoughts on “Chocolate, Mango, Periwinkle & Strawberry – Sounds Yummy

  1. Love them both. I’d choose the larger one with the flower for my friend. She has a little boy and still has to be able to pack snacks, etc. in her bags. She’s going to be so psyched and I’m such a surprise blabber that I’m probably going to send her the link to these.


  2. Gorgeous inside and out. I’d take them both ;). Love the wonderful details, especially the pragmatic divided pockets. U R so very talented. Im envious. Not to swift with the needle and thread. Don’t know what happened. I won blue ribbons s a kid in 4-H. That was before I needed bifocals though.


  3. OMG – the bags are gorgeous and I love the beaded pulls.
    Am in total agreement with you regarding being torn from the house into the garden these days – I’m doing a little bit out there each day. Don’t forget my back is older than your back – it hurts, just you wait and see, LOL!!!
    Thanks for stopping by – I stopped at Lowe’s today and couldn’t resist – bought two iris plants and 4 small hostas to use in big pots with geraniums. The latter I buy on Fri. at the Pilot Club Sale – proceeds go to help people with brain injuries – I also buy Kimberly Queen ferns there.


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