My Crazy Cardoon

Three years ago between my HVAC units I stuck a little cardoon plant.  But that is the craziest plant.  It just keeps going and going.  It sends up a huge stalk every year with the cardoon on top which looks just like an artichoke.  It blooms, then that stalk dies.  But the mother plant keeps putting out new shoots.



Right now it is as tall as the HVAC units and it will get 8- 10 feet tall!


This is the hardy banana tree.  Each spring I cut this off, you can see where I did that.  Then this puppy starts growning and it grows about 6 inches a day!  These give a wonderful tropical feeling to the garden.  ( I need to cut off that damaged leaf)


This is one of my favorite perennials in my garden.  It is a shade lover and it blooms so prolifically in the spring.  I bought this at Maymont Herb fest and I can not remember what the name of it is!  I’m hoping to find another one this year and I will be sure to record the name.


This is one of my favorite trees. I have moved this one around with me, it has come from New Jersey, to Cincinnati and now to Hampton.  This is an Umbrella Pine. 


The needles on it are smooth and feel like plastic.  It grows very slowly but can reach a height of 30 – 40 feet.  At that rate I will be retired before it gets there.    

5 thoughts on “My Crazy Cardoon

  1. I love reading about plants in other parts of the country – I haven’t heard of any of them!
    Your banner is making me drool. What a beautiful collection of buttons.


  2. I love Cardoon, it’s very prehistoric looking. You must live in a warmer zone than northern Illinois, because they don’t survive the winter here.
    Cardoon is an edible plant and highly prized by the Italian community. You cut the stalks, cut off the leafy part and slice the stalk as you would celery. Dip in a batter mixture and fry. Yep…very good.
    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife


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